Concerned about a child?

This site is designed to give expert-informed guidance to help school staff understand and promote children’s mental health. We are not expecting staff to become mental health experts.

If you are worried that a child is at risk, involve your designated safeguarding lead (DSL) (or designated senior person/child protection officer) as a priority. They will contact the parents/carers and other services as necessary.  

If the child is at immediate risk, please ensure that they are taken, urgently, to their GP or A&E – either by their parents/carers or, where parental contact is not possible, by the school DSL.


Starting a conversation about mental health

It can feel difficult to start a conversation about mental health. The following pages contain tips, advice and guidance for opening up conversations about mental health and wellbeing with children and parent/carers:

 We have also created a printable tip sheet for having a conversation with children about mental health.


Specific concerns

If you are looking for help or guidance around a specific concern or issue, the following sections of this website may be helpful:

  • Mental health needs: focuses on those children who have already become mentally unwell, have a condition such as autism or hyperactivity which may impair their ability to thrive and learn without further support or adjustment being made by schools, or are on the threshold of being mentally unwell.
  • Risks and protective factors: helps school staff understand the many risk factors that may challenge and undermine children’s mental health. It also helps schools understand what they can do (on their own and working with partners) to help build good mental health and resilience, and reduce the risks that can harm children’s mental health.


Need further help?

There are several national agencies and helplines that can provide further help, advice and support:

  • NSPCC: advice and support if you’re worried about a child. Call their expert helpline (24/7) on 0808 800 5000, visit their website or email:
  • Education Support Partnership: free, national 24/7 helpline available to teaching staff. Call 08000 562 561, email: or visit their website for online chat.
  • YoungMinds: parents’ helpline provides information and advice to parents/carers who are worried about a child or young person’s wellbeing/mental health. The service is available 9.30am–4.00pm, Monday to Friday. Call 0808 802 5544.
  • Childline: free, confidential helpline or online/email chat (24/7) for anyone under the age of 19. Call 0800 1111; email via the Childline website, or go to online counsellor chat.