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Managing urges to self-harm

Practical resources for children and young people to help them manage overwhelming emotions and urges to self-harm. Note: This page contains information about self-harm which may bring up difficult feelings.

Self-harm in children and young people

Video (6 mins) for school staff on children and young people who self-harm.

Living with ADHD

Information for older primary school children on living with ADHD. Children from upper key stage 2 could access these resources independently; younger children would need adult support to access.

ADHD quick tips for schools

A useful quick reference with tips for engaging children with ADHD more effectively.

By: The ADHD Foundation

ADHD in schools

Information for schools about ADHD.

By: The ADHD Foundation

Managing ADHD in the classroom

Online resource on special educational needs, with helpful articles for school staff about ADHD.

By: SEN Magazine