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Teacher Toolkit

Teaching toolkit to understand the needs and experiences of children with autism better and to support school practice.

Resources for young people on the autistic spectrum

A wide range of resources and advice for children and young people on the autism spectrum.

Understanding Autism

Free public information resources to help children and communities understand adversity, difficult feelings and conditions such as autism. It has a range of resources for parents to understand autism and their younger child better.

Mental health reading for children

This selection of books and materials on various mental health conditions or difficulties faced by children has been put together based on recommendations received from child and adolescent mental health professionals networks around the country.

SEN Gateway

A ‘SEN Gateway’ website which enables access to a broad range of materials and support services across the range of SEN.

Getting through a tough time

Practical resources for children and young people to help them understand and manage overwhelming emotions, difficult emotions and tricky times.