Wellbeing and workload: school workload reduction toolkit

This toolkit contains 10 downloadable resources to help school staff with wellbeing and workload.

This toolkit contains easy to use, clear and concise case studies and tips that address a number of strategies to reduce the workload of staff and support their wellbeing. The toolkit include examples of:

  • establishing a school wellbeing committee
  • a workload and wellbeing action plan
  • how to establish a school workload group
  • a programme of work to tackle workload and improve wellbeing
  • a whole school approach to wellbeing
  • an academy trust workload agreement
  • 2 examples of staff wellbeing policies
  • a staff wellbeing statement.

The examples are based on listening to members of staff about what impacts their wellbeing and addressing these issues within a whole school using a supportive ethos. The toolkit can be altered to best suit an individual’s needs and provide a strong starting point for discussion and evaluation.

Using this resource

This resource is designed for:

  • use by mental health leads working with students aged 5 to 19.

Learning outcomes

This resource addresses the following learning outcomes:

  • Access and utilise tools, strategies and resources to support their own mental health so that they can look after themselves.
  • Identify and utilise tools, strategies and resources to confidently engage staff to help promote and support their mental health and wellbeing.

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