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11 ways to get a good night's sleep

Advice for parents and carers on how to help children get a good night's sleep.

25 books about celebrating diversity and difference

A range of children's books that celebrate diversity and difference. The books cover topics including religion, race, families, disability, illness and mental health.

By: Huffington Post

A Rich Tapestry

This hands on and creative unit allows children to explore and celebrate their multicultural community. Opportunities for cross-curricular links with literacy and the more creative subjects within the curriculum. You will also find a suggestion box...

By: A Rich Tapestry

A guide to Pupil Premium Plus

A guide to Pupil Premium Plus, including eligibility and how to spend the funding.


A letter about how I'm feeling

This simple worksheet may help your pupils to express their feelings and understand what may have triggered them

A parent's guide to Black Lives Matter

A resource for parents to help explain and explore the Black Lives Matter movement with children.