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5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Use this free evidence-based framework to decide on your own approach to mental health and wellbeing in 5 simple steps.

Back to school: Barnardo's See, Hear, Respond Hub

A collection of useful resources for families to help them support their children as they return to school.

Dealing with change video

Get children thinking about change and how to deal with it with this video from BBC Scotland.

Mental and emotional health in schools: online CPD

This free CPD, created by Family Links, helps school staff recognise and respond to signs of poor mental health and support their own and other's emotional health.

Thinking and feeling

These classroom activities & lesson plans, which directly link to the PD&MU curriculum, teach Year 7 children about identifying and exploring feelings.

Guidance for parents for using Mentally Healthy Schools resources

Learn how to use the resources on Mentally Healthy Schools with your child by following our simple guidance.